The Knowledge Base Theme

Are you looking for a really simple and author friendly theme to create a knowledge base or a simple online help for your product or company? Then this clean and elegant knowledge base theme is made for you!

No database, no complicated installation routines, just a clean interface and the right tools for your authors to create first class content. Because helpful content is the only thing your users are looking for if they visit your knowledge base or online help. So keep it simple and don't get distracted!


This theme works best with a two level structure (folders and pages), but you can also create deeper content structures if you really want. The most exciting features of the knowledge base theme are:

  • Create a header navigation with up to 5 links.
  • Simple search for topics (pages) included.
  • Add up to three highlights with icons, headlines, text and links.
  • Very clean navigation structure that is easy to understand.
  • Individual footer with three boxes filled up with individual markdown.
  • Create folders with pages for articles and posts for blogs or news.
  • Fully responsive (of course!!!).
  • Absolutely NO external dependencies.
  • Completely cookie-free by default.
knowledge base theme

And of course you have all the standard-features of the flat file cms Typemill:

  • Probably the most author friendly cms out there.
  • Create and sort pages with drag & drop.
  • Write content with a super modern visual markdown editor (vue.js).
  • Publish, draft, unpublish or discard changes.
  • Switch folder content from pages to posts (news/blogs) and the other way around.
  • Floppy-sized (less than 1,44 MB gzipped).
  • No database required.
  • Endless flexibility with themes, plugins and forms.

Create a Blog-Area

The knowledge base theme has a template for posts. Feel free to create your own blog- or news-area with it. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Create a new folder in the navigation.
  • Go to the meta-tab of the folder and switch the content-type from pages to posts.
  • In the same meta-tab activate the checkbox to hide the folder from the main-navigation.
  • In the content-tab of the folder you can create as many posts as you want.
  • Now go to the theme-settings and add the link to the blog-area into the main-navigation.

The blog- or news-list is now excluded from the page-list and included into the main-navigation. Use the same steps to hide other pages and link to them in the footer area.

Thank you

This flexible theme was designed and developed in about 5 days. Wanna buy me some beer for it? Thank you!!

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How to install

  • Install the Typemill CMS
  • Download this theme.
  • Unzip the theme.
  • Upload the theme to the theme-folder of your Typemill installation.
  • Login to your Typemill installation.
  • Go to settings -> themes.
  • Activate and configure the theme.