Dev Theme

Dev is a good starting point for your own theme. It has all the necessary HTML-parts and Twig-templates for a complete website, but there is no CSS-styling yet.

The dev theme provides the following twig-templates:

  • Layout template with html-skeleton.
  • Templates for index, files and folders.
  • Template for 404-page.
  • Partial for a header.
  • Partial for a breadcrumb.
  • Partial for a navigation (twig-macro).

It also provides some standard-snippets like:

  • Asset-tag for plugin-css.
  • Asset-tag for plugin-javascript.
  • Asset-tags to activate the libraries Tachyons-CSS, Vue.js and Axios.js.

Learn About Typemill-Themes

Read the documentation for theme-developers for more information. You can also check the standard theme typemill for more useful snippets.

Hire Us

We are available for hiring of your next Typemill project. Visit us at


Found a bug? Or do you want to improve this theme? You can find the repository on . Create a pull request or open a new issue if you found a bug.

Updates for this theme

Version 1.2.0

  • Compatible with Typemill Version 1.5.2.
  • Switched to new logic for meta-tags added via asset-function.
  • Switched to new download-icon.
  • Fixed headline anchors css.
  • Added a pagination for blogposts.
  • Added overflow for tables.
  • Fix figures left right for mobile (no floats).
  • Added a widgetized area.
  • Basic form styles.
  • Aspect ratio for images

Version 1.1.0

  • Compatible with Typemill 1.4.0
  • Deleted html base tag
  • Fixed canonical url
  • Optimized meta tags in head.

How to install

  • Install the Typemill CMS
  • Download this theme.
  • Unzip the theme.
  • Upload the theme to the theme-folder of your Typemill installation.
  • Login to your Typemill installation.
  • Go to settings -> themes.
  • Activate and configure the theme.